What do you think of when you hear the term “napping”? Most people immediately think of children. But, what about adults that nap? Though there are many misconceptions about adults that nap, fact is, it’s a healthy habit that leads to a longer, productive life.

Humans work too much. We sleep too little, stress too much and for some reason, think that the only real solution for this reality is having a cup of coffee or an unhealthy energy drink. Contrary to popular opinion, napping isn’t for the lazy or depressed. Famous nappers have included Bill Clinton, Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Edison. Google, Nike, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, The Huffington Post and many other progressive corporations and universities have integrated napping stations within their facilities.

PowerNaps PodPowernaps has created the perfect solution to a universal problem. Our napping studios and napping pods are designed specifically to make available the true natural benefits of a 20-minute power nap. Powernaps is the new coffee break. We have consulted with top sleep physicians to create an effective, natural and modern solution to fatigue.

A study at NASA involving sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved alertness by 100%.