We’ve got your back.

Many big corporate names such as Nike, Google, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and Deloitte Consulting offer employees the opportunity and some dedicated space to nap.  But some of the early pioneers of recognizing the many benefits of power napping have included small businesses with fewer than 20 employees.  Powernaps provides in-house managed napping solutions to large corporations and small businesses alike.  As an added employee benefit, power napping not only makes your employees smile, it will make them 42% more productive.  

We’ve consulted with some of the nation’s top sleep therapists to develop our power napping solutions.  The napping equipment that we offer is the most advanced of it’s kind.  It’s been developed in European countries where power napping has been adopted into social routines and work schedules.  The sole design concept of the napping pods is to enable 20-25 minutes of power napping in the most effective, efficient way possible.  Oh.. and they look pretty cool, too.